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We are currently preparing for subsidiary events of H2
MOBILITY+ENERGY SHOW 2022 with more upgraded events.
For subsidiary events of H2 MOBILITY+ENERGY SHOW 2021,
please refer to the time table below.

icon_innovationH2 Innovation Award

  • Comprehensive hydrogen and mobility tech event comprising presentations and an awards ceremony, open to participation by SMBs, large enterprises, and startups.

  • Unlike typical technology/product presentations organized as an auxiliary event of an expo, the H2 Innovation Award is to be an official, standalone award ceremony.

icon_innovationA tech award ceremony that's an opportunity for presentations, exhibitions, and networking

  • launch

    Launch Exhibitions

    · Booths for award winners

    · Tech collaborations by companies in the same field

  • pitch

    Pitch Presentations

    · Final presentations by participating companies

    · Judged by industry players and investors--an opportunity to find investors and mentors

  • match

    Match Networking

    · Offline networking events

    · Consultation with foreign buyers during exhibition period



  • Event title : H2 Innovation Award

  • Date/venue : September 9(Thu), 2021, KINTEX (with H2 Mobility+Energy Show 2021)

  • Hosts : Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association, H2KOREA

  • Sponsors : Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association, H2KOREA, Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning

  • Schedule

    1. promotions

      May – July, 2021

    2. Invitation/registration

      July 1(Thu)-23(Fri), 2021

    3. Announcement of preliminary results

      July 30(Fri), 2021

    4. Presentation/ Final

      September 9(Thu), 2021

    *The detailed schedule may change depending on the progress of the event.

  • icon_innovationExhibits

    H2 Innovation Award

    1. - Hydrogen Mobility : FCEV, Hydrogen-powered Drones, Ships, Railroad and Construction Equipment, Parts and Materials

    2. - Hydrogen Charging & Infrastructure : Charging Stations, Hydrogen Production / Storage / Transportation

    3. - Hydrogen Energy : Fuel Cells (Fuel Cells for Mobility, Building and Power Generation), enewable Energy (Solar, Wind)

  • icon_innovationJudging

    Preliminaries judged by judges → Selection of three winners in each category → Selection/announcement of a final winner in each category during exhibition period


    1. ·Document screening: Applications, technology/product descriptions, etc.

    2. ·Preliminary winners: Nine companies (three in each category)


    1. ·Final presentations: Eight-minute pitch and seven-minute Q&A at the H2 Mobility+Energy Show 2021

    2. ·Final winners: One top prize winner in each category (three companies) and one grand prize winner

    Judging Committee

    1. - Sponsors(Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association, H2KOREA, Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning), investors, automotive industry players, journalists, experts in their respective fields, etc


  • Preliminary winners :

    Three in each category (9 companies)

    Top prize :

    One top prize winner in each category (3 companies)

    Grand prize :

    One grand prize winner

Preliminaries(July, 2021)

Type Category(Number of companies selected) Prize
Preliminary winners Hydrogen Mobility(3 companies) Hydrogen Charging & Infrastructure(3 companies) Hydrogen Energy(3 companies) KRW 500,000 discount on booth rates

Finals(September, 2021)

Type Category(Number of companies selected) Prize
Top prize Hydrogen Mobility(1 company) Hydrogen Charging & Infrastructure(1 company) Hydrogen Energy(1 company) KRW 1 million


Type Category(Number of companies selected) Prize
Grand prize The most innovative company(1 company)
※ No. 1 in overall evaluation
KRW 3 million

icon_innovationBenefits for Winners

Type Preliminary winners Top prize Grand prize
Benefits KRW 500,000 discounton booth rates KRW 1 million KRW 3 million
All winners receive a medal and a logo of recognition on their booths.

- Publicity (news segments and interviews)

- Outdoor and/or print advertising of H2 Mobility+Energy Show 2021

*Please refer to the attached file for other details.


12021 H₂ Innovation Award

  • Date :September 9th (Thu), 2021 / 10:00 – 15:30

  • Venue :KINTEX Hall 9

  • Awardee :10 companies

Category Type Awardee
Hydrogen Mobility Top prize Hyundai MOBIS
Preliminary winners Vinssen
Preliminary winners Hoerbiger
Hydrogen Charging & Infrastrucure Top prize Dongwha Entec
Preliminary winners Magma
Preliminary winners Samjung E&C
Preliminary winners Korea Gas Corporation, Doosan Fuel Cell
Hydrogen Energy Grand prize POSCO SPS
Top prize BKM
Preliminary winners KraftPowercon


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